Multi-spindle heads

We perform technical documentation according to the wishes of customers. The design and construction of multi-spindle heads enables shortened machining time with increased precision, drilling, threading, tapping. Using DIN standards 69001 and 69002, the design is performed according to the strictest technical standards. Extensive work experience for renowned manufacturers (KRAUSE + MAUSER, SAS-Strojogradnja, ...) guarantees the quality and reliability of the design of multi-spindle heads and special machining units.

The design features of multi-spindle heads include:

  • The solid construction of the housing is made of gray cast iron,
  • Construction with hardened gears, and intermediate phase shafts,
  • Main spindle drive shafts according to DIN 69001 and 69002 standards
  • All contact surfaces for sliding seals are chromium oxide coated
  • Working spindle design according to DIN 69001, DIN69002
  • Through non-contact sealing of spindle air assemblies
  • Sealing of short drill spindles and special spindles
  • Tool holders such as ABS, ABSM, HSEZ and HSK are directly in the spindle
  • Refrigerant can be supplied through the spindles using a swivel inlet (deublin)
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