Tool magazine

Automatic tool change refers to the change of individual tools between the tool storage and the tool holder on the machine. The number of tools required for the entire machining varies depending on the complexity of the geometry of the part being machined. Tool storages should have the necessary capacity to meet as many manufacturing processes as possible that they can fully execute. The size of the magazine depends on how many machining operations will be able to be performed at a machining center. Tool stores that can accommodate 80 to 200 tools depending on the design are usually rack. The tool magazine is idle, while the manipulator takes the tool that follows it for processing and takes it to the place of change. The tool changer replaces the old tool with a new one, and the manipulator returns the old tool to a specific location in the magazine.

The rich experience of the employees guarantees the creation of a tool magazine tailored to the customer's needs.

An example of a rack storage can be seen in the pictures that follow.

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